What is PennyStream?

Pennystream is our very own streaming service. We host over 50.000 movies and over 14.000 TV shows. We have apps for every platform you can think of and we have all the same features as Netflix, and more. You use your own private and secured account to access our servers, the setup is handled by us and fully automated.

Get a free 48H trial to get the full experience for free!

Compare our content to the the most popular streaming services!

  • 50.000 Movies
  • 14.000 TV Series
  • 1.100  TV shows for kids
  • 700 Anime Series
  • 2.000 Audio Book

Our plans start at $2.49 a month.

  • 3.600 Movies
  • 1.800 TV Shows

We have 99% of the content Netflix has!

Their base plan is $9.99 a month. (depends on country)

  • 2.000 Movies
  • 580 TV Shows

We have 99% of the content HBO has!

Their base plan is $15 a month. (in the USA)

  • 740 Movies
  • 280 TV Shows

We have 99% of the content Disney+ has!

Their base plan is $7.99 a month.

  • 1.230 Movies
  • 1.300 TV Shows

We have 99% of the content Hulu has!

Their base plan is $5.99 a month.

  • 13.000 Movies
  • 2.700 TV Shows

We have 99% of the content Prime Video has!

Their base plan is $14.99 a month.

We outmatch every other streaming service in content, quality, and price.

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Our best features

Automatic request

If any content is missing you can easily request it through our discord bot. Requested content is available within 10 minutes 95% of the time. You can request TV Shows, Movies, Anime and Audiobooks. Access to the request bot is automatically given after purchase!


Netflix alternative

We have way more content than Netflix or other streaming services (combined). Our streaming experience is as smooth as Netflix, with way cheaper prices. Our mission is to replace all your streaming subscriptions.


Safe & Secure

Streaming from our servers is 100% secure and encrypted, even if you are in a country that does actually about this stuff, you are 100% safe. We don’t keep logs.


Our pricing is the lowest in the market for this quality, profit is not our goal for this project. Because of this our prices will outmatch any other alternatives, while still using the absolute best hardware. Our goal is to be an affordable alternative to streaming services.


Where can I access the content once I have a subscription? Or when I'm in my trial?

You can access all of our content within the Plex app or the Plex website- > If your device has an app for Netflix, it will have an app for Plex as well!

What happens after I bought a subscription? Of when I have requested a trial?

Our automatic systems will setup your account instantly. This means you can start streaming within 10 minutes after your payment!

What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment methods vary, currently we accept -> Crypto, Cashapp, Paypal, Creditcard.

Please note that for Paypal/Creditcard purchases you will need to be customer to access these payment methods. If you are a customer, you can visit to

If you are not a customer but would like to pay with Paypal/Card, please contact us. We can probably work something out.

What are the ways to earn shop balance on PennyStream?

1. referrals

Visit your customer panel. And get your referral link. You can share this with friends or online. For every sale we get through your link youg et 20% of the order in shop balance! You can choose to withdrawal this bonus in crypto, but that would get you only 10% of the order.

2. Reviews

For PennyStream you get $1 for your first review! This is different for all of our services so make sure to check our other stores for specifics.


– Your customer panel can be found on PES.SELLPASS.IO. Press ‘Customer login’. You can signup here too.

– All your balance will be synced through all of our services! So if you earn $1 from a referral from PennyStream, you can use it on all of our other services too. All fully automated

How do I renew the subscription?

We use a prepaid system. This means that you will not in any way be charged again without sending a payment yourself. If you want to renew your subscription order a new one with the same Plex email. Make sure to do this before your previous subscription ends, otherwise you might lose access.

If you have an NON 4K subscription and renew it WITH 4K ACCESS, 4k access will be granted immediately. So possibly within your old subscription time. 

What if content is missing?

No worries! You can request content (from all countries) through our automated discord bot. It’s very easy to use; you type in the title and it will display the options and you choose the correct one. The request will be sent to our automated systems, if these systems can find the content it will be available to be streamed within 10 minutes!

Are there any risks associated with using PennyStream?

No, it is 100% safe. We use encryption so your data is safe. We don’t keep data, only temporarily to be able to process streams. If you live in a country that actually cares about this stuff, you are 100% safe without a VPN! Popcorntime can be dangerous in some countries because it uses public trackers, this is not the case with us.

What is Plex?

Plex is a company that makes software that indexes locally stored media. This means that we connect our huge servers to Plex, and Plex will transform all of our folders with movies and series into a Netflix like experience. So you stream directly from our servers, not from Plex their servers.

This also means that Plex is basically useless without a PennyStream subscription. You will not be able to find a cheaper alternative to our F Netflix solution.

What is Plexpass and why would I need it?

We connect our private severs to Plex their software, this makes PennyStream a Netflix like experience for you.

Plexpass is plex their own subscription plan. Without a Plexpass subscription you can’t use PennyStream on mobile devices. The free version supports all other platforms. (There is an easy Plexpass bypass for android devices! Contact us for more information)

Plexpass costs $5 a month, but we sell it for way cheaper below.
Plex also has a 1 time purchase thing to activate the mobile app on a specific device, that’s ~$5.

Are TV Shows complete?

A common issue with using things like popcorntime (PennyStream does not use similar software) is missing episodes in shows.

This is not the case with PennyStream, all shows we have are complete and have at least English subtitles. You always have to option to import subtitles from your own language automatically through plex their subtitle searcher.



     ⚪ 1 Stream

     ⚪ 100% Automated activation and setup

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ Full access to our library

     ⚪ Access to the automated request bot

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ No 4k



     ⚪ 2 Streams

     ⚪ 100% Automated activation and setup

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ Full access to our library

     ⚪ Access to the automated request bot

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ No 4k



     ⚪ 4 Streams

     ⚪ 100% Automated activation and setup

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ Full access to our library

     ⚪ Access to the automated request bot

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ 4k



     ⚪ 24 hour manual delivery of account

     ⚪ Login on unlimited devices

     ⚪ Fully private account

     ⚪ You can change the login details

     ⚪ 100% Stable and legal

     You need a PennyStream subscription to      watch content, this is just a Plexpass account. View the FAQ to see what that means



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